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The Colony (2013) - (3/6) - Hope is alive, but who knocked ? - Movie Clip

Due to the extreme conditions of the climate, by 2045 the still living population of the Earth will live in isolated underground bunkers, colonies. Briggs, the leader of Colony 7., sets off with two colony members for the distant Colony 5. after receiving an alarm. However, colony 5. bunker also has cannibals.

▶ Director
Jeff Renfroe
▶ Music
Jeff Danna
Pierre Gill
▶ Starring:
Laurence Fishburne ... Briggs
Kevin Zegers ... Sam
Bill Paxton ... Mason
Atticus Mitchell ... Graydon
John Tench ... Viktor
Charlotte Sullivan ... Kai
Lisa Berry ... Nara
Dru Viergever ... Feral/Cannibal Leader
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Name Download The Colony (2013) - (3/6) - Hope is alive, but who knocked ? - Movie Clip
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