47hype — Could You Please Introduce Your Self To Our Readers? Chidi Ginika: I am Chidi samuel Ginika, I hail from Imo state... I’m my own role model in the entertainment industry – Actor Chidi Samuel Ginika


47hype — Could You Please Introduce Your Self To Our Readers?
Chidi Ginika: I am Chidi samuel Ginika, I hail from Imo state in isiala Mbano LGA. A computer science graduate from FUTO.

47hypes in an interview with actor philanthropist Chidi samuel Ginika, read below…


47hype — Tell me about your background and your growing up years
Chidi Ginika: I was born and bred in Oyigbo portharcourt Rivers state. My childhood was normal, as the last child of 8, I was pampered and treated special but my dad was strict though. I attended one of the best schools. I had friends because I was obsessed with games and electronics in general. So it attracted good and bad company. I had no house chores assigned to me maybe because I had grown ups that would do them all. So I was free but had limited access to go out.

47hype — When and how did you get into acting?
Chidi Ginika: My sister Helped me.

47hype — Can we know more about your family?
Chidi Ginika: We are from Imo state, family of 8, 6 girls and 2 boys.

47hype — Are you married?
Chidi Ginika: single

47hype — 5 years in the movie industry is such a long time; Do you consider yourself a popular actor?
Chidi Ginika: To an extent yes, during my 5years , I wasn’t stable with the industry at that time, due to my Job career pursuit

47hype — What are your biggest challenges as an actor?
Chidi Ginika: Being multitasked, I also have another source of income aside acting so it stresses me out.

47hype — How did you join the industry, and what motivated you to join?
Chidi Ginika: I love acting.

47hype — From your family? Are you the only one in the movie industry?
Chidi Ginika: No

47hype — Do you think it’s easy to Join the movie industry now?
Chidi Ginika: I would say no industry is easy to break into especially when there are people before you came, so you just have to be unique and do your thing. The sky is big for us all.

47hype — How are you able to combine your personal work with acting?
Chidi Ginika: like I said earlier not been easy. Sometimes ask my colleagues cover up for me.

47hype — Do you have any future plan or expectations?
Chidi Ginika: We all do. Someday the world will watch me do what I love doing.

47hype — Who in the entertainment Industry can you refer to as your role models and why?
Chidi Ginika: None. I am my own role model.

47hype — This question might sound funny; Can you marry someone in the industry?
Chidi Ginika: Never, They is no acting in kissing, no I can’t marry an actress. Lol

47hype — Have you ever thought of producing Your Own movies, Or do you do that now?
Chidi Ginika: Hopefully.

47hype — If you were to choose between Modeling and Acting, which would you rather prefer?
Chidi Ginika: Acting

47hype — Straight Answer; 😊 Why Acting?
Chidi Ginika: Acting is my first love

47hype — What’s your advice for upcoming actors and actresses?
Chidi Ginika: Be consistent, be unique your time will surely come.

47hype — Which Book or Music motivates you as a young actor?
Chidi Ginika: For books, first is my Bible, can’t do without it. My main motivation comes from the word of God. Secondly I read a lot, from any good author for inspirational books.

47hype — What has been your most challenging role in a movie?
Chidi Ginika:

47hype — Have you ever played a sex role in a movie?
Chidi Ginika: Yes

47hype — Can you go nude in a movie?
Chidi Ginika: No

What more should people expect from You?
Chidi Ginika : my next big project

47hype — At this point, I must say; Thanks for your time 😊
Chidi Ginika: You r welcome, thanks for having me.




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