BUY AND BUILD ESTATE (We will be giving out $10,000 to investors who acquire 20 plots of land from us and we... LAGOS REALTOR WORLDWIDE



BUY AND BUILD ESTATE (We will be giving out $10,000 to investors who acquire 20 plots of land from us and we will also be giving out £20,000 to the investor who acquire 40 plots of Cedarwood Boulevard from us) Our passion for real estate over the commission.

The New Lagos is going to look like this in 2018 because the governor of Lagos @akinwunmiambode has signed a contract with Smart City of Dubai so there is no point going to Dubai anymore because of the innovation and transformation at ibejulekki, it will be the game changer and the prime spot for investments.

We know so many investors are reading this and most of them are confused simply because they do not know the right place to go nor the right realtor to meet that would be honest enough to tell them the entire truth when hired. We have virtually tried everything in life that has failed us asides real estate.

Real estate remains one of the physical assets because it’s has gotten one of the most largest class of assets in any part of the world and it can’t be compared to shares & bonds.

We have decided to give out our share in commission to the clients because of the love for real estate and some doubting thomas will be saying this boy is just full of scam, can it be true? Yes it is true, we will be giving out $20,000 & £20,000, we don’t believe them, it’s a lie. We want to simply appeal to foreign and local investors that has made up their minds in securing plots of land from us, not to be scared because we are honest and what ever you see on this page is what you get in the reality.

We will therefore be drivers of real estate in the next decades to come because we have chosen to help bring people’s home into reality.For those who do not know, real estate looks very simple but the truth be told it’s not simply because it’s a serious business that needs a lot of commitment, determination & discipline.

It’s not for pepper and groundnuts sellers but simply for those who truly understands the basics of owning an investment. We are proud to be called realtors because our joy is to help the average Nigerians, the middle class and the billionaires get a place that’s affordable and accessible in other for everyone to own and for them not to sleep under bridges like they do simply because we all need shelter and we choose to be that solution maker to all Nigerians and other part of the world.

There’s nothing as essential having a roof over ones head same thing goes to having food to eat.

You can schedule an appointment with us via the contact that we will be leaving below in other to view the properties.

Call/WhatsApp Mr Johnson Joseph on +2348130423931


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